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Welcome on my website white-mexican.de,

let me introduze myself: I am a very talented writer and good edukated actor from germany. I have a lot experience in german film business.

By the way, this business exists – really! Even when moviefilmers from other parts of the world would deny it. (here should be a smiley-icon, but unfortunately I can’t find it on my keyboard)

Anyhow. Since some years even big american film companies shoot their movies with pleasure in germany, because we film-people here are easy to handle, only a few of us are in something like a union, we love to do overhours for free and we are cheap, very cheap – that is why we are called ‚white mexicans‘! - I find that nickname funny, really, even when someone else finds that maybe not funny. You know what? I would even say, I love this nickname, I even think about establishing a film-firm with this name. So that you can read „white-mexican proudly presents“ at the beginning of great movies. Wouldn‘t that be cool? However. Before I start becoming a producer by myself in the future I love to be at your service now.


If you in need of an actor:

I am in my late-fourties, but my wife says I look younger, I played in almost all german criminal-series as good guy, bad guy, victim or policeman; in fact mostly policeman. Are there at all any other series as police-series in germany? Hm… When you know one, I would love to be in it. Interested?

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If you need an awesome script:

I have 3 (three!) scripts, all ready written and immediately shootable. You just have to add a director, some actors and a little money, catering brings everybody self.


„FISCHKOPPS“ – Funny Police-Series about a rural police station in northern germany (show-concept and 45-minutes-pilot available). You will love it, when you loved „Karniggels“ and „Lethal Weapon“. It’s a mixture of that.

Interested? Contact my agency, click here!


„FRANKIE & LUCY“ – Romantic Comedy about a Meister-thief and his Bewährungshelferin. Guaranteed Smashhit! I promise. (show-concept and 90-minutes-pilot available). You will love it, when you loved „Moonlighting“ (the 80ies-series with Bruce Willis) and „Dani Lowinski“.

Interested? Contact my agency, click here!


„MURPHYS GESETZ“ – Questionless a Blockbuster. Romantic Action Comedy. Hollywood Stuff. For german conditions unfortunately way too expensive. I think, when Robert Schwentke would read it, he would immediately want to shoot it. But I don’t have his telephone-number, or his email. If you have an idea how I could contact him, please let me know. Don’t ask for the book to read, when you are not Robert Schwentke. It’s only for him.

If you can help me to contact him, write me:

Thank you, hope to hear from you. Stay healthy and happy, life is short.


Your white mexican.

Fotos © Jennifer Ehnert